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The Chase

The Chase I get the 8 weight out, put on an excessive brake and rig up.  Although it’s early and the skies are blue, the clouds are already rolling in at a quick and favorable pace. I attach a loop knot to an olive Cheech Leech, wait, no, a yellow...
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Fly Fishing Photographer Interview: Jason Morrison

Fishing Photographer Interview: Jason Morrison Hey Everyone, allow me to introduce you to some cool fly fishing photography. Jason Morrison (aka, JayMorr) is a talented photographer who has skills. He’s an all around photographer shooting weddings, portraits, fashion, wildlife, and studio work. However, it’s his fishing related photography that originally...
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Trout Personalities – A Shy Trout is a Surviving Trout

A Shy Trout is a Surviving Trout “Personality” refers to an expression of stable, enduring behavioral patterns. Believe it or not, humans aren’t the only living beings that demonstrate personality traits. Other mammals and fish have repeatedly demonstrated evidence of having personality types. Although these non-humans MAY not have personalities as complex and...
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