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Dams on the Upper Green River – NO!!!!

Proposals for 2 Dams on the Upper Green River “New dams on the Upper Green [River] would negatively impact fish and wildlife populations, destroy riparian areas, impede necessary fish passage, block a crucial wildlife migration corridor, and degrade the river downstream of them. Dams would additionally encroach upon valuable livestock...
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Yellowstone Lake and Her Cutthroat – Beyond the Numbers

Yellowstone Lake Cutthroat – Let’s Hope They Keep Rebounding  Back in March I did a post about the declining numbers of Yellowstone cutthroat trout that are inhabiting Yellowstone Lake and spawning in the corresponding tributaries. This is a hot topic (probably better characterized as a debate) in the fly fishing...
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TU’s TroutBlitz

Trout Unlimited’s TroutBlitz Program This is pretty cool. Trout Unlimited (TU) has initiated a program in which anglers across North America photograph and upload their catches to what essentially is a large database full of anglers’ catches. Through high quality photographs and additional identifying information (i.e., date, watershed, specific stream,...
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