Trout Vision Grey Reef in the Evening Sepia Rainbow tyingastone Dramatic Rainbow

Product Review: Redington’s Vapen Black

Redington’s Vapen Black Product Review When I first heard and then saw Redington’s Vapen Red (which preceded the Vapen Black) I was curious, intrigued, and a bit critical (albeit prematurely). I later noticed that Redington released a black version of the Vapen that looked a little sharper and more traditional. At...
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Brown Trout Spawning Locations and Wintering Locations

Do Brown Trout Choose Spawning Locations Based on the Availability of Wintering Locations?  I recently read a manuscript by Mathew Skoog from Bemidji State University titled Brown Trout Spawning Location and Relationship to Suitable Winter Habitat. I came across this study on-line and by the looks of the .pdf file, I’m...
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