A Few New Fly Rods are Coming

A Few New Fly Rods are Coming

New Fly Rod Releases

Scott Tidal Series

This is a saltwater specific rod series that comes in line weights 7 – 12. Retailing at just $475, it’s modestly priced – which is nice. This rod is described as being easy to cast and will help anglers more easily make the transition from freshwater to saltwater. When considering the modest price, this may be a great rod for those anglers just starting to dabble in saltwater fishing. That’s not to say, however, that the more experienced saltwater angler won’t enjoy this as well. For more info., check out this video featuring John Duncan from Telluride Anglers and Jimmy Bartschi himself. 


 In addition to Scott’s new Tidal series, they’re also offering new models for the F2, T3h, and Radian series. 

Winston Nexus

Available in weights sizes 3 through 12, the Nexus is a sharp looking (deep-black color), all graphite rod that is a little more affordable (starting at $475) than Winston’s Boron III rods. From what I’ve read, this appears to be a general rod appropriate for a number of different fishing applications. It’s described as combining “legendary ‘Winston Action’ with faster tapers through [the] lower half of the rod”. It will be fun to cast this thing and see how this action actually plays out. 


The Sage ACCEL is a new series of single-hand, two-hand, and switch rods that are described by Sage as “medium-fast”. This one will also be Sage ACCELinteresting to check out since Sage’s previous rods, such as the Z-Axis, One, and Method have set the industry benchmark for fast action. Using Generation 5 technology, it’s intended to be a light and extremely responsive rod that may have just a little more action than Sage’s other models. The Sage ACCEL will be available in August, with single-hand rods retailing at $595. The Sage ACCEL won best freshwater rod at last week’s IFTD show.


The Sage SALT rod will replace Sage’s Xi3 as the company’s flagship saltwater rod. Winning both the Best Saltwater Rod and Best In Show awards at last weeks IFTD show, the Sage SALT looks like a promising stick that saltwater anglers will want to play with. This is Sage Saltone of their high end/high performance rods, so it’s made with Sage’s Konnetic Technology. It’s marketed as a fast loading and powerful rod that delivers flies with the accuracy that Konnetic technology is known for. Retailing at $850, the Sage SALT will be available in August in 5 weights through 16 weights. It looks like they have ALL saltwater applications covered with this one.


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